💡🤔 Good to know💡🤔 things about Oslob Whaleshark site

I would like to share some things I found out when I was at the Oslob Whaleshark location.  Hopefully, these may be useful to those who haven’t been and are planning a visit.🙂🐳

  • There is a baggage counter for rent (Php20.00) at one of the stores by the entrance.  First-come-first-serve and no time limit.  Snorkels, rash guard, vests and towels are being rented too.  Isn’t this a good idea if you happen to be swinging by Oslob?
  • There is a public bathroom.  Not posh, but at least you have a place to bathe and change!
  • There is a line up of eateries with good food and service.  No need to worry if you get peckish.
  • There are habal-habals (motorcycle rides) for your next destination.  Oslob and nearby towns have plenty wonderful spots just waiting for you.  Even your local driver can recommend.


for rent
Store by the entrance that rents storage and stuff

Author: Maria Cebu

Figuring out this iPhone. Lives and breathes in Cebu City, Philippines. At times, escapes.

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