I ❤️ Japan and I thought of going back there even before leaving ☺️

Pikachu at Narita airport: Still a hit!
So, we were in Japan for 10 days and everything was a wonderment 😍 As I am writing this piece, I am thinking of what to share that isn’t in any websites or blogs already.  There are plenty and believe me, the information overload is real!

I have written about our experiences traveling South of Cebu, my one-and-only and beautiful home.  I have also been to Australia.  But being in Japan made me love anew.

For those who have been to Japan, I hope to get some kind of agreement and discussion; for those who haven’t,  please be inspired to plan and go to Japan.

The Old Man in Uniform 👨🏼‍✈️

Japan is indeed a country of culture and heritage.  They speak their language.  However, be worried not!  For some reason you will find your way and get what you want. There is enough English around.

Also, when lost and in doubt, ask guidance from the old man in uniform – they are never wrong and are very precise and clear with their instructions.  Take it from this idiot who can’t figure Google map  🤤🙄😝

With that, my heart shouts out to “Lolos” and “Lolas” everywhere.  In Japan, I am reminded to value our elders, their wisdom and manners.

Am I the only one in glasses? 👓👀

Funny, I did not find anyone wearing correctional glasses and no one has white hair.  Working shoes were always shiny and clean 👞.  Seriously 😂

Space and Silence

When we were in Japan, there were no jerks, no sarcasm, no pulling one overs, no rudeness.  I noticed the thoughtfulness, respect and self-respect.  Everything done was with grace and care.  I understood the meaning of having to take off shoes and to bow down to thank and part ways.  This became natural, and not some cultural rule.

Our first day in our hostel was a challenge.  We found ourselves as the only ones talking in whisper voices.  Naturally we caught up on being quiet.  Believe me, this was very achievable, rewarding and peaceful.

Centurion Ladies Hostel (Ueno)
Even in crowded places, there was a certain unity and organisation.  I never felt like my bag was going to be snatched or something.  I loved how people biked around everywhere without a biking lane.

Shibuya crossing!
The walkways had those yellow corrugated paths in the middle, making people go either to the left or the right side.  Drivers lived by the “pedestrian first” rule.  Walking around was part of our tourism journey.

Finding Hatchiko
When time permits,  I would love to write more about our experiences.  For now,  here are photos we took of places and experiences that inspired us to go to Japan 🙂. I hope they will inspire you too.

1)  That movie that made you cry…

2)  This is to remind that Narita is not just an airport.

Unagi: Kawatoyo Honten (Narita)
3)  Taken from the Shinkansen 🚅.  Really glorious!


4)  Wagyu beef really melts in your mouth.

(Your money also melts, but just don’t eat for days…  It’s worth it 🤣)

Matsusaka Yakiniku M (Namba)
5)  It’s fun if you pretend you’re in the Amazing Race (applicable to point 1) 😆

He runs at night.
6)  I did my best to catch them all…

Where I lost the battle…
7)  I haven’t had enough of the food in this city.   Just need to go back 😩.

Hairy crab
Best cow yields best milk!
Keeping it sober at Sapporo Beer Garden
Oh my the asparagus!
La Maison. The Japanese may have perfected their desserts, bread and pastries. Just saying.


Author: Maria Cebu

I escape to learn.

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