My Non-Travel blog 

Sometimes, a staycation is as good as it gets.  My approved leave for 2 days on a Thursday and Friday prompted an auto-lightbulb idea to get away.  But where to? We often ask.  Those airlines promos were indeed tempting, shall we go out of the country? (yes, Singapore, I thought of you and your Great Sale.) Still this was impractical and out of our budget.  So we decided, let’s just go to a nearby island.  We had a plan to go to Dumaguete and Siquijor.  

I was particularly dead-set on going to Siquijor:  land of mystic, Isla Del Fuego.  I was imagining buying those love potions and magical trinkets, and watching the reddish sunsets.  Dumaguete was not to be overlooked:  the narrowing (even non-existent) sandbar of Manjuyod, the turtles of Apo Island.  We shopped for our iPhone waterproof cases for the much needed selfies.  I had restaurants in my checklists (Baha bar in Siquijor, Hayahay tree house, or somewhere that served Dumaguete express and lots of shrimps and crabs).  Oh, the research and travel blogs were beckoning me.  In the end, information overload just got me to say, we’ll wing it when we get there.

On Wednesday, overtimed to get my work done.  While setting my OOO email reply, I had a thought, am I ready to travel, are we really going?  I got the budget done, backpacks packed and water jugs filled (and frozen, the way we like it 😉) and alarms set at 3:00am.  But one just gets that feeling of laziness, perhaps. 

Then the sign came.  When the alarms set off, so did the thunder claps. We just said no, shut the alarms and went back to sleep.  The rains dropped really hard…SNORRRE 😴 ⛈

We had another attempt the following day.  By then, a lot of questions on the travel plans came.  What again are going to do in Siquijor?  Where’re we going to stay? How about this?  Decided that rainy June is not a good time for bus and ferry rides.  We can enjoy the rainy days at home, catching up on Game of Thrones or something.

This is not sour-graping at all.  It’s one of those times.  Just as one should have the liberty of travel, one should have the freedom to stay put.  I’m just glad I am one who gets to enjoy this. 😍

So for now, to keep from idleness, we do one of the other favourite things to do on rainy days, which is to bake!

this is a brookie. i requested this.
you could tell why it’s called a brookie.
kurtos kalacs aka chimney cakes
still a delicious epic fail bake. i shall attempt again, someday, maybe.