Please bring some treats for this special Da’o Falls ‘guide’.

A visit to Da’o falls will be incomplete without this friendly and smart canine, πŸ• ruff!

When you visit Cebu South’s waterfalls, you would most likely have to go with a tourist guide.

Our visit to Da’o falls was not an exemption, and comes with a special, being accompanied by the local’s dog.  Besides the brown one, there was a white one.  They follow tourists for any discarded food, said our real guide.



Cebu’s natural tourist spots seem to be dependent on guides and vice versa when we can (or should) go without them.  I am only stating this because I value privacy, so please don’t hate me for this.  How can I enjoy waddling in cool waters while someone is looking on to you? πŸ˜–


All to myself for now. Those cracks on the wall weren’t there until the October 2013 major earthquake .

Our tour guides have always been warm, patient and hospitable.  Listening to their stories as one Cebuano local to another was not part of the plan, but certainly gave me more information about Samboan, all the wonderful falls and this lonely town’s effort to boost any economy.  I can only wish for the best, and for more visitors.  Could this also mean loosing what is natural and peaceful?  The dread of unmanaged commercialism is dawning on me; I can already see some vandalism.

If you do visit Da’o falls at Samboan, and any other guide-required falls, please tip well if not generously.  Please try to bring some doggie-snack at Da’o, I know I will. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’—πŸΆ



An “Indiana Jones” trail.
I see fish-es. Makes me want to jump 😳


Back-float view